Women as Elements of Change


I am writing today from Amman Jordan where I have been attending The first East West & Africa  'Women as Elements of Change' Conference. Hosted by Her Royal Highness Princess Taghrid and the General Director of The Princess Taghrid Institute, Dr. Aghadeer Jewihan. Our sister organization, the Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship, … [Read more...]


Funding Innovation, Founder’s Blues and Avoiding Early Start-Up Mistakes


Life as a start-up is certainly not easy. Finding funding for our innovative ideas, managing mental health and minimizing mistakes are at the top of most start-up's must have lists. I hope these three reads provide some interesting insights. The Re-Emerging Art of Funding Innovation As the strategic philanthropy movement has swept … [Read more...]


A Model for Building New Ventures in America


Today many college graduates aspire to finance, consulting, law school, grad school, or medical school out of a vague desire for additional status and progress rather than from a genuine passion or choosing those professional paths because they are a personal/lifestyle fit.  Perhaps these folks really do have something to learn from the … [Read more...]


Living (or not) the Creative Life

Lisa with clarinets

"Growth is much more than a strategy. It is a complex change process that involves the right mindset, the right processes, experimentation and an enabling environment." ~ Edward Hess teaches business administration at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business. Ed got it right. For the last eight years my professional growth … [Read more...]


Investing in Creativity


For those of you who are not familiar with this 2003 study, or who are, read about it (again). This review of Investing in Creativity: A Study of the Support Structures for U.S. Artists was written by Katherine Gressel in 2012 and posted in CreateEquity. Katherine does a fabulous job of illuminating how things have not changed. While … [Read more...]


Changing the Role of Classrooms Around the World


We know about the success Salman Kahn has had with the "flipped classroom" where online lectures and short videos happen at home, or in a coffee shop, and project-based learning happens during school. We may be relatively unaware just how much this concept is taking hold across the world, or why. A fact of life in the 21st century … [Read more...]


What’s Preventing You From Trying to Release Your Product? And How to Get the Kick You Need to Make it a Reality.


So you have a brilliant idea for a product that you think could make you rich and really change the world in a positive way. You've had assurance from everyone you've asked that this is indeed a great idea and something people would use, and you know that you'd be much happier escaping the rat race and becoming a self-employed … [Read more...]


Building The Creative Economy: New Research, New Insights


Creative Communities Art Works in Economic Development Urban and regional planners, elected officials, and other decisionmakers are increasingly focused on what makes places livable. Access to the arts inevitably appears high on that list, but knowledge about how culture and the arts can act as a tool of economic development is … [Read more...]


Founder’s Dilemmas


What are the big mistakes that entrepreneurs can make in the founding and early execution of their companies? What is it exactly that makes the difference between success and failure? As a founder you ignore "people problems" — your own and those of your team — at your peril. Understanding your own decisions, where your instincts … [Read more...]


5 to read + 1 to watch


Here are 5 must read articles and one must watch video that I want to share with you. If you care about finding your true purpose in life, 21st century skill building, what education is doing (or not doing) to help us all achieve all that we can, and innovation, your thinking will be sparked by all of these finds. lisa To Foster … [Read more...]

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