What Are You Willing to Risk for True Independence?

To achieve independence requires risk taking. Nothing represents the creativity required to risk for our personal and professional freedom more than the founding of America by our founding fathers. We all have much to learn from those who have risked before us and who will risk again for their independence. Will that next risk taker be … [Read more...]


The Economics of Trust

Did you know that countries with a higher % of trustworthiness do more business and are more prosperous?  For creative self-expression to become productive innovation, trust is essential to build and create more of. Check out this list of countries to the left and the % of people in 2008 who expressed a high level of trust in each … [Read more...]


Are you a Breakthrough Leader?

What is breakthrough leadership? Are you willing to not know and continue to not know to innovate? Are you willing to stand true to your vision and continue to refine it while you lead AND struggle to find your way forward to realize it? Mitzie Hoelscher, Chief Leadership Officer of Gap International, talks about Breakthrough … [Read more...]


ETA Top 25 Most Read Posts in 2010

Our 2010 most read posts are interestingly some oldies but goodies. From our top 25, 14 are from 2007 through 2009. Our oldest post from 2007, which also happens to be our #1 post, is about my  journey writing a book. So for all you writers out there, this list just goes to show you that it's important to get your writing our there … [Read more...]


Career Counselors: Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? Who’s right?

Does higher education need more cost efficient assessment or unique individualized solutions to be able to access and measure?  This article reveals our most prominent high profile college dropouts, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs,  views on how we need to approach learning in higher education. While I agree with author Steve Tratchenberg … [Read more...]


Creative Chicago Survey Now Live!

The Creative Chicago Survey is live today!  Sponsored by The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA),  all creative practitioners who live and work in Chicago are asked to take it to describe who they are and what they need to thrive, including specific space and business assistance information. This information will help the City … [Read more...]


Rocco Landesman Talks Supply and Demand

January 31, 2011 Washington, DC Written by Rocco Landesman, Chairman for The NEA Last week, as part of a new work convening at Arena Stage, I was able to finally spark a conversation that I have been wanting to have for over a year now. Diane Ragsdale and I discussed the intersection of the commercial and not-for-profit … [Read more...]


Creativity and The State of The Union

Written by Tom Tresser http://www.tresser.com President Obama delivered his 2011 State of The Union address on January 25. It was 69 minutes long and contained 7,445 words. Three of those words were “innovation.” “Science” was mentioned three times. “Education” was mentioned five times. Here are the relevant … [Read more...]


An Entrepreneurship Community

Written by: Jeffrey Nytch,http://www.jeffreynytch.com/ DMA Director, Entrepreneurship Center for Music University of Colorado – Boulder In the 18 months since my arrival in Boulder to run The University of Colorado’s Entrepreneurship Center for Music (“ECM”), I’ve witnessed a number of sessions in which students are asked … [Read more...]


Will Chicago’s Nonprofit Community Play a Role in Electing The Next Mayor?

My good friend Tom Tresser is an educator, organizer, strategic planner and consultant who works in the space of creativity and innovation. I thought all you ETA readers needed to read this post he wrote on January 3rd that appeared on Huffington Post- especially those of you who live and work in Chicago. Written by Tom Tresser … [Read more...]

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