Lighten Your Load Before You Take Off

Written by Naeem Zafar Every pilot has to make sure the weight-thrust ratio is correct, or else the runway will end before the plane takes off.  Not a good thing if you want to survive the takeoff. If the plane is overloaded, a good captain will refuse to take off.  He knows how long the runway is.  He knows that the aircraft must … [Read more...]


ETA Top 25 Most Read Posts in 2010

Our 2010 most read posts are interestingly some oldies but goodies. From our top 25, 14 are from 2007 through 2009. Our oldest post from 2007, which also happens to be our #1 post, is about my  journey writing a book. So for all you writers out there, this list just goes to show you that it's important to get your writing our there … [Read more...]


SNAAP: Tracking The Lives and Careers of Arts Graduates

SNAAP is a wonderful long overdue project to track the lives and careers of arts graduates. I am so happy to see this work begin. However, with 13,851 respondents this does not (yet) even represent 1% of our sector. All the same, it is a beginning! So kudo's to George Kuh and Sally Galski. This has great long term potential to … [Read more...]


Powerhouse Website Suggestions

As part of a May 21, 2011 Facebook event hosted by the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy, I invited music teachers to submit their websites for observation and critique.  But most of this feedback is directly applicable to all kinds of artists. I hope these comments provide inspiration and direction for your own … [Read more...]


The Business Guide for Kids

Today I received this awesome email about The ETA Resource Center from a teacher at a charter school. Here is what she said: " ...I hope it's ok that I'm contacting you, but I wanted to tell you how great your resource is: http://www.entrepreneurthearts.com/site/epage/78017_801.htm I have been using it in my classroom for my students … [Read more...]


Why Now?

Check out our new video created for The IAE by Heather Hollaway from Cooper Leigh Productions. Heather just launched her own business by the way. We are proud to be one of her first clients. How about you? Are you ready? The IAE's early bird application deadline is a week from today. Still time to apply! Our biggest scholarships will be … [Read more...]


Welcome to the Decade of “The Start”

There is no doubt about it, all of us are happy to have behind us the first decade of the new millennium. What a crash landing it was into a new age. Book-ended by 9/11 at the start and a financial wipe-out at the end, the first 10 years of this century will very likely go down as the most heartbreaking and disillusioning decade … [Read more...]


The Arts as an International Force for Change

Written by Robert L. Lynch, President and CEO—Americans for the Arts Appeared on Huffington Post November 18th, 2010 Twenty-five Chinese Ministry of Culture executives just left my office. It was exciting to learn about Chinese cultural investment in projects -- from massive contemporary visual art colonies in Beijing and Shanghai … [Read more...]


35 Financial Terms You’ve Got To Know

Do you know what all these financial terms mean? This list of 35 are the ones you've GOT TO know. Thanks Celina Jacobson for passing this along! http://www.careeroverview.com, November 18th, 2010 A lot of recent college graduates complain that their degree doesn't include a set of guidelines or tips for conquering the real world … [Read more...]


What’s Your Second Career Going to Be?

What's next? Thanks again Celina Jacobson. Wow. Great stuff here. November 3rd, 2010 www.careeroverview.com In today's world, most professionals don't stay in the same job — or even same career — that they started in right after college. And that trend isn't just true for people who haven't found success in their field. … [Read more...]

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