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eta-logo-revisedWritten by ETA founder Lisa Canning
I like using the word entrepreneur as a verb. If you think about it for a moment, it works. Entrepreneur is a French word. ˜Entre” means Enter while ‘Preneur’ comes from the verb˜Prendre”, which means To Take.

Enter to Take the Arts ( someplace you want them to go):

Despite the fact that you might want to say Entrepreneur OF the Arts, choose to think differently. Turn your art into action instead. And if by chance you are not an artist, let us help you use the arts to take your life or organization where you want to go!

Welcome to Entrepreneur The Arts! We tap into the power of creative artistry to innovate lives, bottom lines, and the communities we live in. We serve artists, corporations, universities and government.

The world needs your gifts. Your creativity and powers of perception can change the world. The forms and products that you give life to, the experiences that you create can reach far beyond your studio, the concert hall, theater or museum. It is time to think outside the paint-box of your possibilities up to now. What if your artistry, your thought processes and disciplines, could serve as a catalyst for others innovative thinking? What if you and your work could help uplift and energize thinkers, learners and leaders across your community? There are many opportunities to grow creatively and financially if you are willing to become more innovative, more entrepreneurial, in your own thinking. Let us show you how. Read our Blog, log into The Entrepreneurial Artists Resource Center or sign up for individual or ensemble training.

Innovate there is no second option for survival in today’s world. No matter how fabulous and timely your present offering, tomorrow it will be just yesterday’s fare. Innovation is the current into the future that keeps us current with the demands of the present. It starts with creativity and work environments that support and cultivate imagination, risk-taking and break-through thinking. Whether you are just getting started or are already deeply committed to your culture of innovation, our custom services can take you farther. Find out what innovation feels like when it is in your blood, when it is your passion and your life’s work.

Are you ready for the 21st century? Are you organized for imagination and social change, for creativity, connectivity, leadership and entrepreneurship? Is your faculty teaching and thinking across disciplinary boundaries? Have you seeded a culture of innovation responsive to both the global economy and the needs of the young people coming to your door? What is your vision? What will distinguish your university as a seat of excellence, innovation and caring? The pressures of change are upon us all. Good ideas abound but are not reconciled with practice and policy. How to plant the first seeds of change? How to nurture dialogue, catalyze transformation and grow the culture that you seek? You have allies ready to work with you to further your vision. Contact us.

Leadership, integrity, compassion, resilience, creativity, perseverance, courage!  We ask a great deal of those human beings we have chosen to lead us or who serve as career civil servants at every level of government. Complexity, doing more with less, reconciling differences, seeking justice, building, healing and restoring communities.  The work is daunting and consuming of everyone’s best efforts. Professional training and renewal has never been at a higher premium in our government workforce. Together, we must deepen critical, intuitive and creative capacities, rebuild trust and restore values. We must build cultures of innovation and excellence within every agency, bureau, department and task force and re-charge each individual’s will and passion to serve. If you share in these priorities, we can work with you to realize them creatively step by step.

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